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2017 Trends in Home Decorating


2017 Trends in Home Decorating

While different decorating trends show up every year, you can benefit from these trends to make a difference in your home. The calmness of the last year’s decoration trends is presented with the showdown in 2017. If you want to change your home or move it with small details, you can also check out the 2017 decoration trends we have compiled to apply these trends at home.

The most important one of the colors that stamped the year 2017 is green. You can use lots of different shades of green at the decoration. You can use the colors blue, tile, cream, ecru or taba with green to create both contrast and better integration of the eclectic style. The green is harmonious with the earthen tones, but also with the cool tones. If you want to use calm and show at home together, you can create wonderful combinations with green and purple. Metallic colors from the cosmetics to the world of fashion all the time under the influence of the decor is bumping into the eye. Metallic colors such as silver, bronze, gold, pink gold, which are suitable even for minimal decorations, can be seen in house decorations this year.

Before you decorate your home, why do not you take a look at examples of the 2017 home decor?


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