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How Should Be The Decoration of The Long Hall


How Should Be The Decoration of The Long Hall

While decorating your hall, if you want to apply different trends or ready-made samples but if you fail in adjusting, you may need to consider the shape of your hall. Halls are generally designed as square and rectangular, so many decoration samples are arranged according to these shapes. But if the shape of your hall is thin and long, you may need to find a suitable path.Well, what should be considered while decorating a long hall?

Firstly, if you have a longitudinal hall, you can show it bigger by determining two centre. You can use correctly each field by separating a part of the hall as a sitting area and the other part as a dinner corner.If a part is planned as a dining room and the other part as sitting room, you can apply the decoration in your mind by thinking about the each section as square. If you want to show your hall bigger than as it is, you can choose fewer but larger accessories instead of numerous accessories.For example, you can give a pleasant air to the decoration by putting a stylish statue on the corner of your seating group.

If you want to get different ideas for decorating the long halls, you can browse the examples we have chosen for you.

10 long hall 11 long hall 12 long hall 13 long hall 14 long hall 15 long hall 16 long hall 17 long hall 18 long hall 19 long hall 20 long hall 1 long hall 2 long hall 3 long hall 4 long hall 5 long hall 6 long hall 7 long hall 8 long hall 9 long hall

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