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Name of the Originality In Decoration; Monochrome


Name of the Originality In Decoration; Monochrome

What do you say using the monochrome trend , which is frequently preferred in the decoration world since the day of dominant trend, at home? You can check out a few monochrome decoration ideas we have chosen for you before you get ready for decoration.

When you think of monochrome, black and white colors and geometric patterns come to mind first. It’s enough to catch this trend to make the best use of two colors that are very compatible with each other. If you have a beautiful, large and light-well lounge and living room or bedroom, you can use these two contrasting colors together and gain motion with geometric patterns. The best thing about the monochrome style is that it can be used in almost every room of the house. The most beautiful choice for a stylish looking bathroom will definitely be in monochrome style. For the living room you can choose black furnitures on white floors and walls. In your bedroom you can use white wooden furnitures with black curtains.

Examples of Monochrome Decorations

You can take look at the examples we have compiled to see how monochrome trends are applied at home and get a general idea.

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