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Top Trend Color of House Decoration: Greenery


Top Trend Color of House Decoration: Greenery

Pantone, which we know every year as an international color authority this year, sets trends by choosing the color of the year. These colors affect many areas throughout the year, from cosmetics to decorations. The trend color of 2017 was chosen as greenery. Decoration will be dominated by nature, peace and serenity. Here are some great examples of the use of greenery in decor.

The greenery color, a wonderful green tone, is ideal for getting away from the stress and complexity that modern life brings, and for feeling the peace of nature. It is also very important to use the decoration in this respect. If you want your home to be more peaceful and serene, you can also decorate with greenery domination. This color, which evokes finesse and naturalness, also adapts to many colors at the same time. The finest shades are pale cranberries, hazelnuts, and yellow flowers. It is possible to combine these colors to achieve a modern home decoration.

What do you say to look at the examples of decoration made with the trendy greenery color of 2017 decoration?


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